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♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to save 5% off every day with your lowe's consumer credit card. the final public cheers for the now former pope. as of one hour ago pope benedict xvi officially retired.
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>> this was a historic moment for the first pope to step down in 600 years. he said good-bye this morning our time. the bells were ringing this evening as the pope left. he was driven to a helicopter that would take him away to a temporary residence. as the pope walked to the helicopter, he waved and then shortly thereafter sent his last message on twitter. it read, thank you for your love and support. may you always experience the joy that comes from putting christ at the center of your lives. the pope will now live at the retreat. before going inside to officially resign he spoke to a crowd that were on hand to see him say good-bye. >> i'm happy and give thanks
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for your friendship and affection. >> the 85-year-old leader says he's stepping down because he no longer has the stamina or hell toth continue. he says he's pledging unconditional obedience to the new pope whenever he is elected. the vatican seems to be aiming for the conclave of cardinals will elect a new pope by march, palm sunday, that would put the pope in position to celebrate the holy week. again, this will be the first time in history a new pope will reside at the vatican with an ex pope, which some say could lead to interesting challenges in the leadership of the catholic church. more details now and a time
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line of pope benedict xvi, nearly eight years as the leader of the catholic church. he was speaking out about child sex abuse by members of the clergy describing it as something that affects every level of society. he announced his resignation citing his age and deteriorating health, making him the first for 600 years to step down. now that he has stepped down, he will have to follow rules set by the vatican. he will keep the name benedict xvi and still be addressed at your holiness. he will also still dress in the white gown, but will give up the red shoes that are traditionally worn by the pope
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symbolizing the blood of the martyrs. instead he's chosen to wear brown shoes that were given to him on a recent trip to mexico. area catholic churches joined together honoring the pope. saint mary's cathedral held a mass in thanks. >> we pray this morning for benedict, our pope. >> i think he's making a good precedent that people should step do you know when the job is too much to handle.
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in santa cruz police officers are still not back at work this noontime after two of their colleagues were killed while on duty. police are right now wrapping up a press conference. >>reporter: that news conference just wrapped up moments ago, and they confirmed that officers are not ready to go back on patrol. they're just two days into it and still not ready yet. it's just not getting any easier. let's go to footage that we took this morning. all morning long people were
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continuing to leave flowers at the memorial that is growing in front of the police department for sergeant baker and butler. the veteran officers were shot and killed on tuesday afternoon when they were investigating a sexual assault case involving the suspect goulet. cell phone video captured the chaos. he killed the officers at his doorstep, stole their weapons and fled. >> he suddenly surprised the officers, produced a weapon and shot and killed them within seconds. he did that with his own .45 caliber handgun. it was registered to him. we know that the detectives had no chance to protect themselves
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or return fire now, another detail that the sheriff revealed is they found goulet had his own passport and a plane ticket to new mexico scheduled later this week on him. they're in the process of investigating what his plans were. authorities also told us that he was wearing sergeant baker's body armor when he was shot by officers. all of this is disturbing for the community and fellow officers to hear. >> butch and i started together in '85. he was just before me. i started here in santa cruz in '85 and we worked together for nearly 25 years. >>reporter: i know it must be
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tough. >> it's very difficult. >>reporter: right now you're looking at a live picture. it appears that they are taking questions from the media from the fire department, which was involved in aiding santa cruz police in this investigation. i also wanted to let you know that santa cruz police department is working on trying to plan a memorial for these officers. they're working with both of the families and were supposed release details on when it will be coming up at a news conference scheduled for 3 this afternoon. details continue to emerge about the man accused of killing the two detectives from the santa cruz police department. this is video from a 2007 court appearance in oregon before goulet moved to santa cruz. acquaintances said they found him to be distraught about recent events in his life and
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considered him angry and destructive. police arrested him last week on disorderly conduct and being drunk in public. police said they killed the two detectives when they came to his home to follow up on a misdemeanor sexual assault charge. there's two funds set up to help the families of the fallen officers. one at bay credit union and the second at wells fargo bank. the police officers association has set up the baker butler scholarship fund. our coverage on the tragedy in santa cruz continues online. you can always get updates on the website and facebook page. a woman's report that she was raped on campus the weekend before last is now said to be a hoax. the woman is not a student at the school and told officers she had been sexually assault in the a remote area of the
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upper campus on sunday, february 17. the police say that as they carried out their investigation, the 21-year-old woman eventually admitted she made up the story. police is prevented by law to give out the name, but the case has been given to the district attorney for possible prosecution. someone opened fire near the bart station in oakland. these are live pictures of the scene. there was a shooting near the station just after 10:30 this morning. witnesses say a gunman fired from one car toward another car. there was also a car crash related to the shootings. witnessed on the scene say two cars have crashed. it looks like one of them is being towed away. one hit a taco truck. you see that right there at the restaurant. nobody was injured. so far police have not made any arrests.
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a bill extending the violence against women act is heading to president obama's desk. the house voted today to reauthorize the 1994 law that has set the standard for antiviolence programs, but that was after republicans first tried to pass a different version of the bill which democrats said did not do enough to protect gay couples, immigrants and native americans. the final legislation was passed without the support of a majority of republicans. time is running out in washington d.c. for the sequestered deadline. federal agencies will begin cutting their budgets across the board tomorrow if congress fails to reach a budget agreement. senate democrats say they have a plan to prevent this and say it will eliminate tax loopholes and raise taxes on at least some millionaires. however, republicans are rejecting that plan. >> we expected that bill will get majority support in the senate. the only reason why it might
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not pass the senate is because a minority of republicans would filibuster that bill. >> it's time they got off the campaign trail and started working with us for a change. >> unless congress acts by tomorrow's deadline $85 billion in across the board spending cuts will start going no effect. now here in the bay area many programs that rely on federal funding are bracing for those budget cuts, including a $5.4 million cut statewide to a program that provides free healthy meals at community centers for seniors on fixed incomes. air traffic controllers will have to take one furlough day every two weeks, which could lead to flight delays and cancellations and 8200 children across california will be kicked out of the head start program, which provides subsidized preschool. a new poll finds a growing number of california voters
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support same sex marriage. 61 percent of those surveyed said same sex couples should be allowed to mary to marry and have the laws apply to them. the obama administration faces a deadline to decide it will take a stand on california's proposition eight, the ban on same sex marriage. the u.s. supreme court is expected to hear arguments on march 26. gay rights supporters are pressing the obama administration to file what's called a friend of the court brief urging the justices to overturn proposition 8. the obama administration did file against the federal defense of marriage act brief but so far has not weighed in on prop 8. the board of directors are meeting and have been almost three hours debating over a fan
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to raise fares and parking prices. we'll tell you what's holding them up. the weather is quickly warming up. we'll have the forecast.
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part of 15th avenue will be closed today while they fix a sinkhole caused by a ruptured water main early yesterday morning. it goes from west portal avenue and the 16-inch main broke yesterday morning and the flow damaged about two dozen homes and a dozen vehicles. bart fares could be going up. a new proposal is before the board of directors right now. the meeting is still going on. good afternoon, claudia. >>reporter: good afternoon. we had expected a decision by now. it was fairly high up on the agenda. we've had community meetings, and this is not a new discussion, but the board did need to find a two-thirds majority to get the fare increases passed, and they just can't come to an agreement. there is still no decision right now. here's what's on the table. bart staff has recommended that they raise fares starting next
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january by about 5% in january of 2014 and then incremental in 2016, 2018 and 2020. they also suggested changing the parking fee structures so that people going to any parking lot within the bart system would pay 1-$3. every board member that talked about each one of those proposals had an issue with one of them, and almost every one of them wanted to make an amendment to change the original or didn't want to, and they were still he making changes. >> i'm opposed to this parking charge that i can say, yeah, you're going to have to pay a lot more, but you're going to get something. if it's going to be just disbursed all over the district, i'm not in favor of it. >>reporter: now, as i said, there have been community meetings and even a survey that
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went out. we were out talking to passengers about how they felt about a parking fee and fare increase. reactions were mixed. >> i hear that it's going up. i see that there's more riders and more revenue coming in so i don't necessarily see how raising fares is justified. >> i think that it's reasonable. i pay one dollar for parking every day and nine dollars a day just to get here. it's a lot cheaper than driving. >>reporter: mixed reactions we saw this morning seem to reflect the mixed reactions from board members. in fact, we came down here to give you an update. i just got a message saying they just took a 10 minute break. so still no decision. we understand from when we left they were going to taking the
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parking first and fare hike second, but they've been debating this for hours and struggling to come to a consensus. they do need a two-thirds vote before any of it passes. live here in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. drivers in mountain view are being asked to slow down after a student was hit in a crosswalk. it happened yesterday morning on south shoreline boulevard. the 17-year-old boy who was walking to mountain view academy is expected to be okay. police say the driver was at fault for failing to yield. they've recently stepped up enforcement onshore line. >> we've had police officers go out in regular clothes, usually a brightly colored shirt, and walk across the crosswalk to see if there's people violating the right of way, and when they do, them tickets. >> officers have been also patrolling nearby castro seat where students were hit.
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police say more decoy operations are planned. new at noon, activists called on the berkley police department to release information about the in custody death of a 41-year-old christopher moore. >> this investigation must be transparent. this means the public must be informed of its progress to the maximum amounts permissible by law. >> police say he may have suffered from mental health problems and say the force used appears was not commented upon. wrapping up february and it feels like the middle of summer.
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lots of sunshine and warm temperatures, but the fog redeveloping coast side. in fact, look what happened the past couple of hours. hugging the shoreline is that, and clear skies in other spots. that will be a factor over the next two to three hours. there's a big drop off in visibilities. temperatures warming up into the 60s to right around 70 degrees in walnut creek. downtown san francisco 56 degrees. for today coastal fog, mild to warm away from the shoreline. tomorrow will be the warmest of the week for march 1st, talking about the mid 70s.
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a dropoff this weekend in temperatures, but no rain just yet. a slight chance of a sprinkle would be saturday afternoon. here's the forecast. the high clouds up to the north, the fog hugging the coastline. tomorrow for your thursday more sunshine as high pressure continues to rebuild, and the offshore as you see. more high clouds on saturday and sunday the cooler day. a few high clouds right now, patchy coastal fog, clearing gradually by mid to late afternoon. once again tomorrow morning we could have fog still hugging parts of the shoreline, but increasing sunshine. as i mentioned, tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week. forecast highs this afternoon, upper 50s in passivey ca to the
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warmest locations. half moon bay 62. here is a look ahead to the five-day forecast. tomorrow fog, but still nice warm numbers into the afternoon hours. we'll thicken up the cloud cover on saturday. a slight chance for a sprinkle on saturday and then beyond this five-day forecast we could be tracking rain chances for next week. it looks like it could be first thing wednesday morning. not a big deal are but definitely could use the rain. still ahead, could be a mild day on wall street. we'll find outweigh next. [ ma] it's a rule of nature.
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thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you soon.

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